Diving in!

Well, here I go! I decided to get into quilting last summer. I “stalked” the online fabric stores for quite awhile, filling and emptying the shopping carts, trying to decide my fabric-accumulation strategy. I am so in love with the gorgeous and inspiring designer fabrics that are out there today. However… money is NOT abundant for me right now… So I wondered, should I just buy a few things at the regular prices, or should I somehow find the most inexpensive stuff and get a bigger stash?

Well, I decided on the latter. Boo hoo! It’s sooooo hard to see new collections coming out, and I have to walk away! I’ve bought very few full/or near full priced pieces, but for the most part my “rule” is nothing over $4/yard. “WHAT?” you say? Yes, I’ve been able to do it! My favorite place is fabric.com. I love their clearance deals. (Hey, PLEASE let me know if you know of other avenues for fabric under $4/yard, where you can buy less than a yard…) Oh, and there are a couple of Walmarts nearby with good fabric departments. So I bought some decent stuff there, 1/4 yard each, of $2.50/yard fabric. So I’ve got lots of fun stuff to play with without breaking the bank. I figured it wouldn’t look too bad if mixed in with some of the nicer stuff from fabric.com — still all under $4/yard. Hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, right? I’m dreaming of the day when I can buy a whole collection right when it comes out! Until then…

So here’s a look at some of my stash so far.

Can’t wait to get started!

2 thoughts on “Diving in!

  1. I have been trying to reach you since your nice comment on Susie’s photo on Flickr. But I can’t see your photostream or send you a message.
    I hope you have seen this childhood portrait of Marira, Wendell and Olga.
    Three Little Butlers
    I am hoping you can send me news of Dwayne–I sent him some photos and letters last fall (to the Mesa address) and never heard that he got them. Is he OK, moved? ot moved on . . .

    If this comment field won’t take links, just search Marita in Flickr.

    I like your blog very much and have just ordered a Kaffe Fassett book. I love quilting, but haven’t done any for a long time. Have fabrics galore. But books I like now show so many solid colors and I love that effect.

    I am going now to look at fabric.com on your recommendation.
    But since my top was $1 when I bought fabric, I probably won’t get any more. June

  2. Hi June! I’m glad you reached me. I don’t have any pictures on Flickr, so I guess that’s why you couldn’t reach me that way. (-:

    I have seen that one of Marita, Olga and Wendell. What a great one! I can really see some of my neices and nephew’s in Marita’s face.

    I’m glad you liked my blog! I need to do some new updates. I’m working on a new quilt for my niece who is getting married in May. Yeah, I used to buy $1 fabric, at Walmart… Every curtain in my old house was made from that! But now there are only a few Walmarts left with decent fabric selections, and mostly they start at $2 now. And their quilting fabric is not as good quality-wise as the ones made specifically for quilting. But I still buy them and mix them in with the others. Even $4/yard adds up FAST! I’m an old frugal gal…

    Have you seen our new website http://www.brimhallkerby.com? Can’t remember if I mentioned it in my comment to you. I’m the web designer… but I don’t have the photo gallery going on there yet. However there is already a lot of writings posted. I still have a ton of work to do on the site.

    My Dad is doing well! They are still in the same place, tooling along as usual. I will check with him about the package you sent him. He can be forgetful these days (I already am at 52!) I’ll look forward to seeing what is included!

    Karen Brimhall

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