Wonky Scrappy Circles (I)

Since being bitten by the quilt-bug last summer, I’ve spent a lot of time perusing so many great blogs out there! Oh, Fransson! and Film in the Fridge being two of my favorites. I’ve learned so much from these sites plus many others! I also like to do google image searches just to see what is out there and see what inspiration I get. Well, I came across this pattern by Emily Cier at Carolina Patchworks and fell in love. I was going to buy the pattern, but being me, I decided to try and tackle how to put my own variation together, and figure out how to do it on my own.  I added an extra small scrappy circle, and my technique is different than hers so I’m hoping it’s ok that I’m posting how I did it here.  But please, if you are not as crazy as me, please buy her pattern, and check out all her other amazing patterns! She is an amazing talent.

Anywhoo, I kept procrastinating starting this quilt. I’ve had the fabric that I planned for it for months… so I realized I was SCARED to get started. My first quilt! (I did start a simple 4-square quilt top in 8th grade… but never finished it and it got lost in a move years ago, so well, that doesn’t count.) So I’ve girded up my loins, and I got started and vowed that I am going to make a set of 4 blocks every day. Now that I’ve started, I’m sooo excited. I’m loving it, and my own wonky way of guessing how to put it all together is actually working! Wahoo!

OK, here are some pictures to show you all what I’ve done so far.

I can’t wait to see how this shapes up as I add the other blocks. This is so fun!

6 thoughts on “Wonky Scrappy Circles (I)

  1. oh yea!! i have seen similar blocks on flickr and have been dying to try it!
    i am so happy i found your instructions.
    may i suggest a curvemaster foot?
    its awesome sauce! you dont pin you just hold the top piece a little up from the machine and at the end you put the two fabrics together
    thanks so much, i love your blocks

  2. Hey Karen, awesome instructions! Do you know about how big the finished block is with the full circle? Thanks! And I pinned this page to my Pinterest board since this is the one with the actual instructions.

    • Hi Anna, Thanks! Well, here’s my math:
      The quarter circle blocks are 9 inches.
      When you sew all four together, they would make 17 1/2 inch blocks, (that is 1/4 inch seams)
      Then when you sew all the full circles together, and bind the edges, the finished full circle blocks would be 17 inches…

      Hope I got that right. (-: I have not finished this… it’s been on the back burner for awhile.

      I am certain though, that the quarter-circle blocks are 9 inches after you square them off. Read Wonky Scrappy Circles II, there are instructions there too…

      Happy Wonky-ing!

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