Wedding Quilt for Hye Soo & Eric (I)

Lily “Hye Soo” Dixon & Eric Geels

Hye Soo and Eric, my niece and her fiance, are getting married in May so I decided to make them a quilt for the occasion. Brave me, the beginner I am! I haven’t even finished my first quilt… But I am jumping into this one anyway.

So far I’ve had a couple of meetings with them, showed fabric samples, looked at their online registries to see the household items they’ve chosen, and got an idea of their style. Then last night I came up with two final fabric selections, and placed an order at, taking advantage of their $3.95/yard Spring Cleaning sale (Sorry it ended last night at midnight… but they already have another great sale on…)

I’m excited to get this one started, I can’t wait to see all the fabric in person.

"Jewel Squares" Quilt by Kaffe Fassett / Liza Prior Lucy

“Jewel Squares” Quilt by Kaffe Fassett / Liza Prior Lucy

For the quilt design, Hye Soo picked this Kaffe Fassett design I showed her. I’m really happy she chose this one, because I love love love this particular design. You can see it in his book,  Glorious Patchwork. I believe the pattern for it is there…

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m fairly new to this modern world of quilting, and when I started perusing the quilt-store quality fabrics online, about 2 years ago, I kept seeing Kaffe’s collections and was mesmerized by his use of color and the way his designs almost explode in your face. Well, that’s MY way of putting it. And I love it!

Then this past summer I googled “Kaffe Fassett quilts” and immediately saw this orange one. This was when I was first excited to learn that there were quilts out there that weren’t the traditional repeats of triangles and squares. I love all the wonky quilts out there, and this one is purely inspiring.

OK, so here are the 2 fabric choices I gave them:

Basically, as you can see, the main colors are brown, green and yellow, with blue accents, or teal-ish/aqua-ish accents. Hye Soo chose the teal/aqua accents. Yoo hoo! I liked that one best too. (I’m actually using aquas/teals and light blues.

Hye Soo and Eric’s Wedding Quilt — II >>

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