Wedding Quilt for Hye Soo & Eric (II)

I’ve been having a blast working on Hye Soo’s wedding quilt. I finally got all the fabric I needed, and could get started on it. After all the washing and ironing, I cut all the fabric up into strips and squares and then got down to the sewing and more ironing.

Cut up my strips – LOVE my yellow IKEA bins!
Squares for the centers of my blocks…
Stacked up all the pieces for each block
Sewing first two peices together…
2 levels of 4″ block done
String of sewn pieces
Finished 4" block

Here are all the 4″ blocks… I showed them to Hye Soo at her wedding shower last weekend, and she was surprised at how bright they were… Hmmmm, I think that’s because of the teal fabrics I added at the last minute. They’re a little darker than the ones I had shown her before. She said it would be OK, but I want to make sure they’re happy with it so I’m going to re-do those 7 blocks. I’m going to have a lot of strips left over anyway, so maybe I’ll make a second quilt with all the leftovers. (-: I like that idea! Maybe I’ll make myself a throw quilt. Ooooh, yes. I like that idea.

Yesterday I worked on the 3″ squares, and got all 78 done… Somehow I made 3 extras… so hey there is that 2nd quilt calling to me again. These don’t have any of the brighter teal fabrics included, and I think the overall coloring will make both Eric and Hye Soo happier. –Don’t look too close though… I can see some mistakes in there. But I’m of the belief that mistakes in any artwork are the best parts.

At least that’s my story and I’m sticking with it. OK, Hye Soo, I’ll put the mistake blocks in my 2nd quilt.

81 3″ blocks:

81 3-inch blocks

All stacked up:

Stacks of 3-inchers

I hope you had as much fun reading about my progress as I had making all these. I’ve been dreaming of fabric squares in my sleep! {:-D

3-inch and 4-inch blocks

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