File Cabinet Refinishing Project

The project

Well, I just moved my office space into my living room. (Desks are IKEA Vika Amon with Adils legs in red.) So now my tiny living room duals as my office as well. I just wanted my office OUT of my bedroom. I’ll post complete pictures of the office space later when I’m done setting it up/decorating, etc.  But for now, I want to re-finish my old blue filing cabinet. Here she is: (you can see a sneak peek of the room she sits in, which I’m still working on)


I’ve been looking for ideas on the Internet—there is not as much as I thought there would be. Here’s what I found out there:

My thoughts

I looked at a bunch of stencils, and I’m leaning towards spraying the file cabinet green, and using some sort of floral, damask, or paisley stencil on the front. Something large, that will not be just on the drawers, but maybe overlap beyond the doors, and maybe even have it go around a corner to the side… Here are a few quick sketches that I’ve done so far for ideas:

I like this stencil. I was thinking the flowers you see on the front would overlap over onto the sides, but other than that the sides and top would be solid green.

Same idea

I like the zinnias… But I would do it in greens instead of yellow. I will also have to find the stencil… This was just a picture of a wall painted this way…

I love this one… I’m still a sucker for sunflowers… I like how it’s simple and leaves a lot of green.

What do you think? Any ideas?

2 thoughts on “File Cabinet Refinishing Project

  1. Super-creative ideas! I like the very first and the very last the best, but I guess it also depends on the decor it will be sitting in. Also, I’m loving that wooden chair with the ‘spider web’ looking back in your second photo!

    • Thanks, Kristen. I love that spider-back chair as well! Although, I’ve been wanting to re-upholster it… the brown is a bit boring for my color-obsessed eyes!

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