Dalek Cookie Fail – But We Recovered!

My nephew, Holden, is at BYU now, so I get to spend more time with him! He’s 18, and it’s his first time away from home. He suggested that for Labor Day we have a Dr. Who marathon, and make a Dr. Who cake.

I drove down to Provo to pick him up from his apartment, then we met my sister Sue and went to a very yummy Thai food restaurant in Lehi. It’s in a big old house, re-purposed into a restaurant. They have the absolute BEST pumpkin curry I’ve ever tasted. After some tom ka soup, spring roll, pumpkin curry and sticky rice with mango, we left with tummies full and satisfied. Holden said he liked his first foray into Thai food. He got satay with his dish, and that looked mighty tasty!

So, back to the Dr. Who marathon… I looked at lots of ideas online, and decided Dalek cookies would be easier than a 3-D Tardis cake! I found some pictures online that looked cute, and a picture of the real thing for reference:

Before we got our cookie dough done, my niece (she and Holden are cousins), Hye Soo, and her family, Eric and Lennon stopped by to partake in the Dr. Who marathon for a little while. We ended up doing more talking and goofing off than watching TV while they were there. Lennon, the little almost-2-year-old that he is, is always a blast to play with. He pre-empted Dr. Who for awhile and watched Yo Gabba Gabba, his favorite show. (Yeay for Netflix!)

We also took a gander at Hye Soo’s new very cute teapot set. We must have a tea party soon. We’re green tea fans:

Well, back to the cookies… they were a bit of a fail… the dough had not chilled long enough, and plus I despise shortening, so I used all butter in the recipe. Annnd… since butter has water in it, I think that added a little too much moisture… so as you can see below, just getting the cookies cut out into the right shape was a bit of a challenge, since the dough was soooo sticky and loose. You’ll see below how they turned into great big blobs. But we did a little after-oven shaping with a pizza cutter, and decorated a few up. They turned out cute enough. And they were still tasty. It was a lot of fun.

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