A Rose is a Rose is a Rose

I’m really excited about this project. For the longest time, I’ve been collecting yarn in all shades of red and pink, with the idea of eventually making a rose afghan for my mom. I’ve looked and looked for rose motif patterns in crochet, but have never really found what I wanted. I realized that it’s because what I want is more of a free-form look,. rather than an “equilateral” design (is there a better word than equilateral? Mirror-image? You get the drift). I actually found one pattern that I liked a lot… and made this motif:

Rose granny square

Flat Rose Granny Square. You can buy this pattern from Nicole Rodgers for just $1. Isn’t it pretty?

While I really love the way this looks, and will definitely use it for a different project (Maybe a handbag or purse? Any other ideas?) it is still not the free-form look of a rose that I really wanted. So… I decided to try out my skills on making up my own design. I had tried this awhile back after I first learned to crochet, but it was a bit disastrous. Too bad I frogged the result, or I’d show you here. Anyway, I guess I’ve gotten better, because I really like what I’ve come up with so far:

Free-form rose motif by Karen Brimhall

Free-form rose motif—the big ones are 9 inches across, and the small one is 6 inches.

Free-form rose motif in two sizes

Free-form rose motif in two sizes

Large (9=inch) crochet free-form rose motif by Karen Brimhall

Large (9-inch) crochet free-form rose motif

Medium (6-inch) crochet free-form rose motif by Karen Brimhall

Medium (6-inch) crochet free-form rose motif

Flower Pop Afghan

Well, last year I found myself unemployed. I had been doing some contract (definition: temporary) work at American Express, doing some basic web design, but keeping in step with this sucky worldwide job market, the contract ended. So, between job hunting and working on my family website, I started noodling around with crochet.

I have the cursed ADD-creative brain, so I tend to jump from one project to the next, never finishing anything. Well, seldom finishing anything… But miracles do appear from time to time. I did finish this bunting during that time… Anyway, I digress… I was poking around on Ravelry and was totally inspired by this gorgeous hexagon pattern by queenofstyle’s 53. Hex´s for a baby. The pattern is by one of my favorite bloggers,  Lucy of Attic24, and is called Hexagon How-to (I think you have to register for Ravelry to see the ravelry.com links).

I’m pretty new to crochet… at least serious crochet. I learned when I was 10 or 11 in Primary, at least they taught us… but I was lazy and never did my project… Ahem. ANYWAY, on to THIS post. So, when I started making these hexagons, I was hooked (ha! pun was not intended). I would make circle after circle, than add the next rounds, and then the white hexagon shape. I loved watching my little piles grow as I went.  Here are my pictures of my progress:

First circles

First circles made

Added white for hexagon shape

Added white for hexagon shape



...and stacks

…and stacks

7 rows sewed together...

only 7 rows sewed together…

...still warms Elsie dog

…but still warms Elsie dog

Not done




OK, well that was really exciting, but then I got hired on again to work another contract at American Express. My crochet and most other projects kind of got pushed into the corner… I was just pooped every day when I got home… so there my afghan sat (along with all my other ADD projects), not getting done.

Well, in May my contract ended again, so I’m back into the job hunt. Ugh. However, the bright side is I got my crochet out again. I had finished all the hexagon motifs, and all I had to do was slip-stitch them together… I would NEVER do it that way again. I think crocheting them together would be so much faster. But I didn’t want an extra edge of crochet in there, and by the time I got a few rows in it was too late to go back in time. Anyway, I spent evenings slip-stitching away, until… Yay! I finished it!

I’m so in love with it. It’s soft and cozy and when I don’t need to warm up, I just love staring at it. I love all the colors. I used Caron Simply Soft yarns. Here are the almost finished, and finished pictures:

Attaching the last hexagon

Attaching the last hexagon

Almost done...

Almost done…

I filled in the edge spaces with multiples of three double crochets

I filled in the edge spaces with multiples of three double crochets

Fits my double bed perfectly!

Fits my double bed perfectly!

This is my favorite picture of it:

It’s warm and cozy, and very soft.