Lennon’s Owl Hat

Well, since I’m trying to make up for lost time, you know, I hadn’t posted anything here since 2010 until this week! But I’m working on updating my blog with some of the projects I’ve done during that time. I’ll try not to go so long again!

Wooly Owl Hat by Kat Goldin

Wooly Owl Hat by Kat Goldin

Anyway, last winter I found this great owl hat pattern on Ravelry… If you have an account, or are inclined to register for one, you can find it at: Woolly Owl Hat by Kat Goldin.

I made it for my little great-nephew, Lennon. Alas, he would never wear it. As soon as you’d put it on he would take it off. But then one snow-filled day, my niece Hye Soo and her husband Eric were playing in the snow and he left it on. So now we have these great photos: