Nights ‘o Beading

Lately my sister and I, and sometimes my niece, Hye Soo, get together for a night of beading. I go down to their house in Lehi, and we put bright lights on their big dining room table, get out all our beads, and we make stuff. It’s something my family has done for years. Even my brother has gotten in on it and made some cool stuff. Here is some of the stuff I’ve made recently:


It’s kind of a long-held tradition, started by my mom. The bead-love, that is. I can remember her making jewelry from the time I was a little girl. Then later, as an adult, she took my two sisters and I to the greatest bead store of all time, in Arizona, called Beads Galore. Back then it was like a huge warehouse of beads. It was great. It’s still huge, at a newer location in Tempe. It still has beads, beads, beads, from floor to ceiling. I love going there. Next time I go down to AZ I’ll have to take some pictures there.