Diving in!

Well, here I go! I decided to get into quilting last summer. I “stalked” the online fabric stores for quite awhile, filling and emptying the shopping carts, trying to decide my fabric-accumulation strategy. I am so in love with the gorgeous and inspiring designer fabrics that are out there today. However… money is NOT abundant for me right now… So I wondered, should I just buy a few things at the regular prices, or should I somehow find the most inexpensive stuff and get a bigger stash?

Well, I decided on the latter. Boo hoo! It’s sooooo hard to see new collections coming out, and I have to walk away! I’ve bought very few full/or near full priced pieces, but for the most part my “rule” is nothing over $4/yard. “WHAT?” you say? Yes, I’ve been able to do it! My favorite place is fabric.com. I love their clearance deals. (Hey, PLEASE let me know if you know of other avenues for fabric under $4/yard, where you can buy less than a yard…) Oh, and there are a couple of Walmarts nearby with good fabric departments. So I bought some decent stuff there, 1/4 yard each, of $2.50/yard fabric. So I’ve got lots of fun stuff to play with without breaking the bank. I figured it wouldn’t look too bad if mixed in with some of the nicer stuff from fabric.com — still all under $4/yard. Hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, right? I’m dreaming of the day when I can buy a whole collection right when it comes out! Until then…

So here’s a look at some of my stash so far.

Can’t wait to get started!