Bunting in My 54 Going-On 16 Bedroom

When I got into crocheting last year, I made this cute bunting, and hung it over my bed.

I guess you’d never know this is a 54 year-old’s bedroom… But hey, it’s me. When I got divorced and moved to Utah in 2009, I decided to make my room just what would make me happy. No more need to keep it on the masculine / androgynous side. So I started with fuchsia and kind of went from there. I added chocolate to kind of “adult” it up a bit… I love my room… It’s a nice, warm refuge. Just what a bedroom should be.

The Old La-z-boy Recliner

My parents’ old cast-off recliner—great to crochet in!

I inherited my parents’ old La-Z-Boy recliner and I have it in the corner for all my reading. It ended up matching perfectly. I used to crochet in it, until I moved my computer (which holds all my Netflix-watching and Audio-book-listening) out into another room. Now I crochet on my love seat in my living room while watching television… not nearly as perfect for crocheting. I’m really missing my crocheting barcalounger. We’ll have to see what to do about that…

This crochet bunting pattern is from my favorite crochet book by Edie Eckman, Beyond the Square Crochet Motifs, motif #86. I actually taught myself to crochet using this book. Here are my very first crochet motifs. I was experimenting with different yarns and hook sizes…

Edie Eckman Beyond the Square Crochet Motifs

My FAVORITE crochet book. I love all of Edie Eckman’s books.

crochet motifs

My first crochet attempts; thank goodness I’ve gotten better. (-: